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If there are no details about your condition, we may still be able to help you. Although we have tried to cover most conditions, there will inevitably be omissions.  Please phone or email us for advice if you cannot find the information to assist with your  enquiry.




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It is not necessary to have a prior diagnosis of your problem, as we will make our own diagnosis based on the principles of Chinese medicine and treat accordingly.  However, in some cases, we may advise you to consult your GP.  

Some patients come for treatment while waiting for NHS appointments, whilst others are already taking prescribed medication for their condition. We will treat alongside this medication, though often, with the approval of your GP, it may be possible to reduce this as treatment progresses.

Our many years of experience have taught us that occasionally, the treatment chosen by the patient proves unsuitable.  Herbal teas may be too unpalatable, fear of needles may override the desire for acupuncture, massage may be experienced as too uncomfortable, or maybe you would feel more at ease with a male or female practitioner.  Even practitioners offering the same therapy may have slightly different approaches to your problem. At Birmingham Centre for Chinese Medicine we have a choice of different treatments available, which may be more appropriate to your needs, even though they were not considered initially. Our therapists or receptionist will always be happy to advise you of the options. We pride ourselves on our understanding of your concerns and would urge you not to feel embarrassed to raise these.  If you choose to change your practitioner or treatment,   Birmingham Centre for Chinese Medicine will do everything possible to ensure that your specific needs are met. 



Birmingham Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine Ltd. Directors:
M.R. Ehrenberg BA, PhD, LSSMDip, DipAc,MBAcC,CertAc(Kunming); N. Lampert BA, PhD, DipAc, MBAcC,CertAc(Nanjing)MRCHM; C. Wylde BA, DipAc, MBAcC, CertAc(Nanjing)