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Janet Heath (who also practices as Janet Thomas) initially trained at the London College of Massage and started up her massage practice at the Birmingham Centre for Chinese Medicine (BCCM) in 1996.  After 8 years at the BCCM she decided to strike out on her own, founding the Bodymind Clinic in Moseley together with her son Bobby, a sports therapist. This successful venture concluded with Bobby returning to Bury to run his own successful practice; Janet continued to work with a strong client base in and around Moseley and Kings Heath, with most of her new clients coming via referrals from existing clients. Janet is now re-established at the BCCM and says "it feels like coming home!"

 Janet's passion for travel and all things Eastern probably began in the late 1960s, influenced heavily by the books of Herman Hesse, the "hippy" culture and hearing the Hare Krishna song throughout the streets of London where she was born. A former personal assistant and secretary, Janet spent 5 years living in the Middle East in the 1980s. This fuelled her desire to travel more widely and to choose a different and more rewarding career for herself once her four children had grown up.

 Janet's work-focus has always been on the connection between mind and body, and throughout the years she continued to add to her skills. She qualified in Tuina (Chinese Massage) in the UK and then spent a month at a Chinese teaching hospital in Beijing to learn how Tuina is used in China. She has also gained diplomas in Qi Gong, hypnotherapy and NLP as part of her extensive training. Over the last 4 years Janet has qualified in The Feldenkrais Method (founded by Moshe Feldenkrais 1900-1984). Janet believes this to be the closest to a true "Mind/Body discipline" that she has encountered. Janet is a full member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK.

 With her sound knowledge and 18 years experience of mind, muscles and movement Janet's treatments incorporate the very best of all she has learned, with every session tailored specifically for the client. Passionate about bodywork, she believes that as well as relieving pain and improving agility, it can help resolve some of the mental and emotional pressures of modern life. As well as providing treatments, Janet also teaches classes and workshops in Qi Gong and The Feldenkrais Method.

 Janet's passion for travel continues, particularly to the Far East and Middle East, and she continues to visit these regions whenever possible. More recently, Janet has re-discovered her love of swimming and is currently swimming a mile on each visit. She is also re-reading the works of Herman Hesse and, having developed a love for the sound of Arabic, is spending some time trying to learn a little of this somewhat difficult language






Birmingham Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine Ltd. Directors:
M.R. Ehrenberg BA, PhD, LSSMDip, DipAc,MBAcC,CertAc(Kunming); N. Lampert BA, PhD, DipAc, MBAcC,CertAc(Nanjing)MRCHM; C. Wylde BA, DipAc, MBAcC, CertAc(Nanjing)